about us


We want to be the first choice of construction contractors when they need an installation expert.

Our target customers are general contractors of industrial, commercial and office investment works.

Our sites map is a complex one, in the country and abroad we are present in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Egypt.

We manage and perform complex projects of industrial and civilian installations, covering all stages.


Our first priority is our client, our value is the team of specialists for whom the result of work is as important as the process of accomplishing the projects.

The implementation of new products and technologies, based on low energy consumption and on recyclable products, make us a notable partner for our clients.


We are equally concerned with the long-term relationship with our clients and the completion of each project with seriousness and consistency.

For us every project means a new challenge, a new priority, every client, regardless of the size of the project, is just as important from the start of the project to its completion.

We optimize the installation projects that we are entrusted with in order to always fit into the allocated budget, looking for alternative, innovative solutions and compatible materials of good quality and with a fair price, complying with the work schedule and the quality of the works.

Our goal is to have an organic, natural growth without leaps and conjuncture-based growths.